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Firmware SwitchBoard

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Description of version  FW in SwitchBoard (upgrade FW from PC program is not possible)

  • V1.0 - basic version of Call with machine room for HW V1.0-V1.3 (basic functionality)

for new HW V1.4 and newest :

  • V1.1 - expansion for calls to the engine room - HW must be V1.4

  • V1.2 - *4 constant is entered incorrectly and must be from PC to outsource the larger 1.0 to function properly, * as prolongation confirmation call by the meal send by 4 sec drive and at least 3 times in a row and the problem is that from (8.6.2013) the time comes after transmitting DTMF in space before it will accept a 1sec. Because GSM gateway has a long delay and the amount of [then would receive custom tone]. Repeatedly for * - 3x and 44 - 2x

  • V1.4 - new HW - Incompatible new version of FW for improved tone for function calls to the machine room (31.7.2013) .This is ready version.

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